Cockayne Farmstead

Glen Dale

(304) 845-1411

The Cockayne Farmstead is a time capsule of rural American life and an active site of conservation and discovery. The Cockayne farm, once comprised of over 300 acres, served as the namesake of Glen Dale. The Cockayne family were prominent early settlers in Marshall County, coming to western Virginia around 1800. Today, you can visit the family’s home, explore the ancient Adena burial mound, see the excavated privy, and learn about everyday life in the 1800’s. The farmhouse, yet to be restored, is teeming with original artifacts and beautiful works of art produced by the family. See layers of original wallpaper newly discovered by conservators, play an 1880’s piano, and experience what life was like in Marshall County.

Free Admission

Open 10 - 4pm Weekdays

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