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Hatfield-McCoy Foundation

Sarah Ann

(304) 896-1212

Experience the legendary families of the feud by visiting the Hatfield Homeplace, just a ½ from the National Landmarked, Hatfield Cemetery where all feuding family law at rest. You may even meet direct family descendants, and experience how the legendary Hatfield family patriarch lived during and after the feud.

The last homeplace and hideout of the feud patriarch “Devil Anse” Hatfield boasts an on-site Hatfield McCoy Museum showcasing actual relics from the feud and families. Just crossing the bridge built by “Devil Anse” himself, you are walking on feud history! Not to mention the family’s moonshine well from when they made their own corn liquor.

Our mission is to educate and preserve the Hatfield-McCoy family history of the famous blood feud while promoting peace and showing the world it is possible to love beyond our differences.

Thursday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

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