Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization


Helvetia, West Virginia is a small Swiss village in a high mountain valley. The original Swiss and German settlers arrived in 1869 and their descendants remain. Due to the isolation of the area, the traditions of dance, music, food, and holidays have survived through the generations. Popular events include: Fasnacht, Ramp Supper, Follow Your Bliss Festival, Swiss National Day, Helvetia Fair, and monthly Square Dances. Businesses include the Hutte Restaurant, Beekeeper Bed and Breakfast, and Swiss Roots, which contains the Helvetia Mask Museum, the Helvetia General Store, the Helvetia Post Office, and the Alpen Lodge. One of the main proponents of keeping this unique culture and history alive is the Helvetia Restoration and Development Organization. The organization promotes the educational, social, historical and economic well-being of of Helvetia, maintains historical buildings and promotes Swiss-American restoration and beautification of Helvetia and the immediate surrounding area of Randolph County, and collects and archives historical documents and photographs of Helvetia and the immediate surrounding area of Randolph County.

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