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Preserving the story and soul of the Mountain State

The mission of the West Virginia Association of Museums is to serve, educate, advocate for, and enhance communications within the museum community. WVAM carries out this mission by listening to its members, serving their interests, and keeping members informed of current standards and activities on a national scale.

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The West Virginia Association of Museums, the statewide museum association which serves and advocates for West Virginia’s 250 museums and cultural institutions, opposes House Bill 4654 currently before the West Virginia Legislature. West Virginia’s schools, public libraries, and museums are places that foster education, literacy, curiosity, and knowledge. An attack on these institutions is an attack on the present and future development, success, and prosperity of the state of West Virginia. We urge our representatives to consider a change in the language of the proposed bill to eliminate the danger to the museum and cultural community present in the bill as currently written.

All museums, at one point or another, will run into issues regarding managing their collections. These issues run the gamut of objects of unknown ownership and origin to random object drop-offs at museums after operating hours. The good news is that the most common collections conundrums can be solved by utilizing three specific museum documents: mission statement; deed of gift; and collections management policy. In this webinar, WVAM president, Crystal Wimer, will give an overview of each document and how they address specific problems in collections management.

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