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AmeriCorps Program Manager

Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area

Elkins, WV

Full time



More information at


AFNHA is seeking to hire an AmeriCorps Program Manager immediately. This position provides support and management for our 30+/- member AmeriCorps team deployed to sites across our region, providing service to conservation programs, heritage programs, and community development organizations. Competitive wages start at $40,000 per year and up, depending on experience. Vacation and holiday pay are available. This position is full-time, based in our office in Elkins, with periodic travel, including overnight travel, primarily for site visits. Training and professional development opportunities will be provided to the selected candidate as well as ongoing training and travel opportunities annually. 


The primary duties of the staff position will be to administer the AFNHA AmeriCorps Program. This position is a middle management position with AFNHA, but the successful candidate will be trained to move up to the Program Director’s position when appropriate.  

Program Manager will have the following duties:

  • Recruiting AmeriCorps members and sponsor sites with major responsibilities spring and summer, continuing regularly throughout the year as needed. 

  • Maintaining communication with AmeriCorps program members and sites, including site visits to each site at least twice a year and up to 3 times a year to assess performance and resolve any issues.

  • Acting as the single point of contact between the AFNHA and the members and supervisors of the AmeriCorps Program.

  • Reviewing member reports and, utilizing that data, preparing program progress reports and performance measure reports.

  • Collecting and updating all member records in electronic files (for AFNHA and Volunteer West Virginia), OnCorps, and the eGrants system.

  • Exiting members upon completion

  • Alumni relations

  • Member conflict resolution and morale

  • Providing access to professional and personal training opportunities for members.

  • Planning, scheduling, and conducting organizational training and team meetings, including team-building activities and coordination of member service projects.

  • Communicating with state Program Officers and attending periodic Program Director meetings

  • Review of member timesheets Bi-Monthly.

  • Other related duties as assigned


The Program Director’s duties, once trained, will include overseeing all the activities above, plus:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with AFNHA partners as it relates to our AmeriCorps program. 

  • Writing or supporting the creation of the federal AmeriCorps grant yearly for the program

  • Understanding and overseeing AmeriCorps evaluation activities. 

  • Performance reporting for other AFNHA partners on the activities and outcomes of the AmeriCorps program

  • Primary interface with Volunteer WV, the state commission for National Service

  • Strategic planning and coordination of the program's activities to fit into the overall AFNHA goals and themes. 


The Program Manager may also assist with AFNHA general organization activities, including working with AFNHA-assigned AmeriCorps members, staff, and board as appropriate.  These duties will be secondary to the primary duties listed above.

  • Assist with operations of and improvements to AFNHA Appalachian Forest Discovery Center at the Darden Mill, including development of visitor center and gift shop functions. Will include some days keeping the facility open for visitors.

  • Assist with planning and implementing AFNHA events such as annual stakeholder meeting, summer Tourism Summit, and training events.

  • Assist with membership and development efforts, including grant-writing and mailings

  • Assist with other AFNHA projects as assigned 


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:


  • Strong communication skills. This position involves a lot of various interactions, such as delivering orientations, conducting interviews, and site visits. It requires the ability to listen well and express your thoughts effectively, both in oral and written communication.

  • Decision-making and conflict resolution- Recruitment of members requires the ability to recognize the best candidates for open positions. Conflict resolution is a must for resolving differences between AmeriCorps members and supervisors and for effective decision-making to support crucial organizational functions.

  • Training and developmental- Help  to provide members with training and development opportunities to increase performance and diverse skills to support growth, which may include both organizing opportunities and, in some cases, delivering training content..

  • Technical skills- Familiarity with or quickly learning to be proficient with various systems such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat DC, web-based programs, and online forms/database programs.

  • Multitasking- Requires the ability to multitask and manage time wisely.

  • Experience with grant writing and budgeting

National Forest Visitor Surveyors

Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area

Elkins, WV

Seasonal, Full to part time



More information at


The Appalachian Forest National Heritage Area is conducting the 2023-2024 National Visitor Use Monitoring (NVUM) Survey in partnership with the Monongahela National Forest. We are conducting nearly 250 surveys at 92 public access sites on the Mon Forest from April through September 2024. We are seeking 1-2 seasonal, full to part-time surveyors currently residing in the Mon Forest region. Ideally, we will hire 1 Surveyor for the North Zone (residing in or near Tucker, Pendleton, or Randolph counties), and 1 for the South Zone (living in Pocahontas, Webster, Greenbrier, or Nicholas counties).


This is a remote work position with occasional meetings at the AFNHA Office in Elkins, WV. 


  • Surveyors must:

    • Be organized and self-motivated to provide their services thoroughly and competently 

    • Be available to the program, including weekends and holidays, for surveys and training

    • Have reliable, all-season transportation and a valid driver's license

    • Be proficient with computer technology, internet use, email, etc.

    • Be able to use standard maps and GPS (such as Google Maps) for wayfinding when necessary

    • Have an Apple or Android Smartphone for use on survey days 

    • Be comfortable with speaking to the public in small groups

    • Be confident they can conduct solo surveys at remote points throughout the Mon Forest

    • Provide their own transportation to survey sites. Mileage will be reimbursed by the program at the current organizational rate

  • Ideally, Surveyors will be familiar with the Mon Forest and its recreation areas.

  • Occasional requests for unscheduled surveys to be completed by the Surveyors may occur when a scheduled Surveyor is unavailable.


Depending on the set survey schedule, these positions are seasonal, full - part-time, starting mid-March 2024. 


Starting Wage: $16.00/ hour during training and $18.00/hour for survey periods, including travel time. 

A bonus of $1,000 will be paid to each surveyor who satisfactorily completes their contracted performance period.

Workers Comp and Unemployment Insurance cover seasonal employees

Travel is reimbursed at .60 cents per mile currently. This amount is subject to change. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to:


Logan Smith, Executive Director             Josh Wanstreet, Programs Manager

304-636-6182 ext 1 304-636-6182 ext 8


Applications can be picked up at our office 

6 2nd St

Elkins, WV 26241

Executive Director


Fairmont, WV

Full time



Accepting applications until the position is filled.


  • General 

In general, the organization is growing and help is needed at the executive
director position to help oversee sustained and controlled growth. The director will
report to the organization president, Mike Rohaly. Mr. Rohaly is and will continue to be
actively involved in all activities of the organization and will be responsible for any
training needs of the executive director. Director’s responsibilities are broad but flexible
and offers an opportunity for increased compensation based on performance and
budgetary considerations. Basic people skills are necessary as the director will
interact with other organizations, government agencies and possibly news agencies.
Do a good honest job, play to your own strengths, have fun and enjoy the ride!

  • Maintain an office 

An office is currently set up for the executive director at our I-79
exhibit located along I-79 adjacent to Coal Country Miniature Golf. This is the main
office for the executive director and most work will be conducted from this office.
Organizing and maintaining files for the organization will be required as well as
managing exhibits we host (currently three). Organizing and maintaining donated
items and inventory for display or sale both at exhibits and in storage. We would also
like to begin a small gift shop at our I-79 office and exhibit location.


  • Help complete the “Ride in a Coal Mine” project 

As of this date in late February, 2024, this project is about 70% complete. Current organization president, Mike Rohaly, is the project coordinator for the project and has overall responsibility for its
successful completion. Executive director will work with Mike to complete the project
including cosmetic touches for its final completion, development of procedures to
accommodate visitors, accept and account for payments, proper staffing of the
attraction and other issues for a professional and orderly completion and presentation
to the public. This includes proper accounting practices, most of which are already in
place. It is planned at this time to utilize Coal Country Miniature Golf staff to operate
this attraction with a fee being paid to the miniature golf business to help cover
employee wages and for handling proceeds to be transferred monthly to NACMHA.


  • Catalog, issue and manage accession documents 

People from the community occasionally donate coal mining artifacts and memorabilia to the organization for display or sale. Executive director will accept these donations on the condition that
NACMHA is given full ownership rights so that the item may be displayed or sold as

decided by the organization. Director will create and maintain the proper records
including donor information for these donations.


  • Fundraising, grant writing, event planning 

Focus here is primarily to balance the organization’s finances (money out = or less than money in). It is planned that the “ride in a coal mine” attraction will anchor this need. Other planned fundraising methods and events already in place or “on the table” include: donation boxes placed at
locations in our six current counties; disc golf tournaments, pool tournaments; closest
to the pin contests; “Swap Meets.” As mentioned previously, plans include developing
a small gift shop to be operated out of our I-79 location as well. Other ideas are


  • Advance heritage area work 

This is the main priority and covers a lot of things; a key factor in fundraising, grant writing and event planning. The organization has already established meaningful contacts and has board representatives from most counties which we intend to build upon and strengthen. The goal is to establish a
driving tour of coal heritage sites in our region and eventually, a formal heritage area
with the possibility of attaining a national designation as such. Several projects are in
the works and the organization stewards several exhibits in the region which are
occasionally moved to different host locations. One such initiative is the revitalization
of the Grafton B&O Train Station and adjacent Willard Hotel building,
It is possible that in the year 2024 our main “flagship” exhibit titled “The Fairmont
Coalfield: Six Counties” will need to be relocated from its current location in downtown
to a new host location. The organization’s “Black Diamonds” exhibit will also need
moved to a new home from its current location in downtown Clarksburg by May 2024.

  • Supervise and coordinate volunteers and other staff 

At this time, there are no other paid employees or contractors working with NACMHA; only volunteer work done by board members and officers. However, it is planned to add staff when we are
capable to properly manage such staff considering our financial resources and
organizational capabilities. We are looking closely at the Americorps and Vista
programs and volunteer assistance from local institutions of higher learning.

  • Represent NACMHA at community events, attend seminars 

The executive director will be expected to attend and represent the organization at certain community
events such as Marion County’s History Expo and others. Occasionally, seminars or

conferences are scheduled which benefit the organization through networking and
educational presentations. In most cases, NACMHA pays expenses to such events.

Museum Assistant 

Marion County Historical Society and Northern Appalachian Coal Mining Heritage Association

Fairmont, WV

Part time




Send resume to, attention Dora Grubb or, attention Mike Rohaly.

Two nonprofits would like to share a person to catalog and organize inventory and donated items and complete associated accession documents as needed as well as other jobs as directed by management.   The organizations are the Marion County Historical Society (MCHS) and the Northern Appalachian Coal Mining Heritage Association (NACMHA).  The physical locations are about 2 miles apart from each other in Fairmont.  Starting wage would be $10/hr. and would require 20-30 hrs./week.  There is also opportunity for advancement and a 40hr. week.  Send resume' to, attention Dora Grubb or, attention Mike Rohaly.

AmeriCorps Member

Appalachian Forest National Heritage Are

Monongahela Forest region

Full-time & part-time available

Living stipend is roughly $14,000 a year for full-time members, half of that for part-time. AmeriCorps members also receive an education bonus. 


AFNHA AmeriCorps members provide a year of service, allowing an individual to benefit local communities and landscapes while gaining professional development and strengthening their own skills. AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance stipend plus an education award upon completion.

AFNHA AmeriCorps members serve in a variety of positions at partner sites, within the following fields:

  • Conservation: Conserve natural resources including ecosystem restoration and land improvement, habitat monitoring, and environmental education, awareness, and outreach. Conservation members serve with federal or state agencies or non-profit organizations, in a variety of locations across our counties.

  • Heritage Community Development: Help rural communities with economic development, events, partnerships, and tourism based on their local assets and cultural resources. Develop and conserve local history and arts and encourage cultural heritage tourism. Potential sites include historical societies and museums, community development groups, and arts organizations.

More information about AmeriCorps is available at  

For AFNHA AmeriCorps site offerings, please check

AmeriCorps Member

Preservation Alliance of WV

Around the state

Full-time & part-time available

Living stipend is roughly $14,000 a year for full-time members, half of that for part-time. AmeriCorps members also receive an education bonus. 


Created in 2013, the Preserve WV AmeriCorps program is the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia’s statewide national service initiative where members help main streets thrive, help communities capture their local history, and preserve beloved West Virginia landmarks. The Preserve WV AmeriCorps program brings members to sites to implement techniques and theories related to historic preservation, capacity building, and cultural heritage tourism site development to revitalize our local communities and improve our economy. The primary objective of this program is to inject new life into the state’s declining economy by having members complete projects that will attract more private spending to West Virginia’s cultural heritage sites and those sites’ communities. 

The GOALS of Preserve WV are for members to


  • bring local history to life and enhance cultural heritage tourism opportunities​

  • increase visitation at cultural heritage sites

  • preserve historical resources helping transform blighted and underused places into community resources

  • build sites’ capacity to increase their efficiency, effectiveness, and/or program reach primarily through volunteer management.

AmeriCorps service is neither employment nor volunteering; it is a unique, paid, National Service opportunity that is similar to the Peace Corps.  AmeriCorps programs take multiple approaches to improving lives, fostering civic engagement, and addressing critical community needs through direct service. AmeriCorps’ official motto is “Get Things Done.”

​More information about AmeriCorps is available at  

For PAWV AmeriCorps site offerings, please check

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