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St. Albans Historical Society

St Albans


The St. Albans Historical Society was founded in 1972 initially to move and preserve the 1846 log Morgan's Kitchen Museum to St. Albans, which was in danger of being demolished in Putnam County. The Society has since helped to relocate the historic Chilton House the next year. They have expanded greatly to promote an understanding of the history of St. Albans and to collect and preserve materials relating to the town's history, as well as to encourage the education of children about the town's history and to make these materials available to the public.

The Society maintains a museum at 404 Fourth Ave., adjacent to the C&O Depot, with displays that include hundreds of vintage photos, books and artifacts. The rich archives there can be valuable for persons seeking family history or doing historical studies. This building is open every 1st Saturday of each month.

Historic Morgan's Kitchen is also operated by the St. Albans Historical Society. It is located on MacCorkle Ave. near Walnut St. and contains many pioneer artifacts from the 19th and 20th century and is open every Sunday in the summer.(See this page)

The St. Albans Historical Society has printed thirteen (13) local history books.(see this page). Some are re-prints from as far back as 1909. They have two (2) historical "Walking Tours" each year: one during Founders Day (see this page) in May, which they help to organize, and one tour in December.

They have also teach a 9 week Local History Lesson to elementary schools and they have the Morgan's Kitchen Fall Festival (see this page) in October. The group recently made donations to several historical properties, such as the C&O Depot Roof project and the American Legion Maintenance Fund. Currently the St. Albans Woman's Club also uses their facility for they meetings as well.

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