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December Workshop: Pandemic Perspectives

It's been a year, hasn't it? Each year, we see museums, large and small, scale back their operations or close their doors entirely due to challenges with sustainability and being relevant to their communities. In the past year, these challenges and more have been heightened by the COVID-19 crisis.

Join WVAM and professionals from cultural institutions across the state on Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm to review 2020 and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all and our organizations. This session is free for all (members and nonmembers alike), and we want to hear from you about the struggles you are facing: financial strain, creating alternative programming, safety at our sites, and more. Share with us what has worked and what hasn't and as a community let's talk about how we can start 2021 with a plan.

Although this event is free, please pre-register through through this link! Donations to WVAM are greatly appreciated.


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