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West Virginia Baptist Historical Society



The West Virginia Baptist Historical Society (WVBHS) is a non-profit organization incorporated on January 23, 1942 for the preservation and promotion of historical documents, artifacts, and dissemination of historical research pertaining to the Baptist heritage of West Virginia.

Dr. E. J. Woofter, Pastor H.A. Jackson, and Dr. I.J. Priestly organized and began the groundwork for establishing the WVBHS on October 26, 1940 . The Collection was first housed at the Department of Archives and History at the state capitol in Charleston, WV, but was later moved to its present location at the West Virginia Baptist Conference CEnter in Parchment Valley near Ripley, WV.

The purpose of the WVBHS can be summed up in six points:

Collect Baptist history through books, photos, documents, and memorabilia.
Preserve historic artifacts with a climate controlled, fire proof vault and archival (acid free) coverings.
Research opportunities to expand and increase the educational value of the collection.
Curate exhibitions with Baptist historical themes.
Publish findings and documents in the West Virginia Baptist Historical Society newsletter and books.
Educate our Baptists through workshops to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation of the Baptist heritage.

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